eep productivity, engagement and sanity levels high with these online tools.

Like many companies during this uncertain time, the Privilee team is too working from home, so we thought we’d share the top online communication tools that we use every single day. After all, communication is key to success right? 

There are undoubtedly a lot of great tools to make communication a lot easier for businesses, but the ones we have highlighted make a real difference to us – especially now that we are working as a remote team. 

Whether it’s simply for staying in touch, keeping projects on track or enhancing our company culture. Here are four that we love right now:


Why we love it: It’s a virtual version of our office 

One thing we miss whilst working from home is wandering around our awesome office and casually or spontaneously passing by different departments to simply say hello, ask questions or brainstorm ideas together. With Tandem, our awesome Tech team is able to create online ‘virtual rooms’ that mimic our office environment including the kitchen, meeting rooms and break out spaces. All of which are accessible by simply clicking on that room and activating your microphone or video.  Of course, people are free to jump into other rooms, switch their camera off, just have their microphone on or disappear with no questions asked – we all need breaks! This platform gives us the ability to maintain instant fluid conversations (on and off-topic) whilst getting the chance to see other people’s faces, which is a plus when you are isolated!

2. Slack 

Why we love it: We can chat with each other all-day 

We use Slack as a replacement to emails, to brainstorm, ask each other questions, pass files back and forth, compare notes on new releases and much more. We have different conversation ‘channels’ for our various teams, plus ad-hoc channels for company news so we can keep up-to-date on the business or members such as a ‘sign-ups’ and ‘feedback’ channel. On another note. Slack also serves as our virtual coffee corner, giving our team a place to talk about anything, work-related or not, or even let off some steam.

3. Trello 

Why we love it: We can stay on track with projects 

Without being in the same room, managing the team’s productivity could get complicated – so here is where Trello comes in. It’s a lifesaver for keeping the team productive and ensuring everyone is working on what they should be.  We use it daily to manage our top-line tasks so we know what everyone is working on and to keep everyone running autonomously. It gives us the flexibility to move around tasks and reprioritise without too much interruption to the workday and team members are still clear on what is to be worked on. Our Tech team has another version which they love called JIRA – this is a similar tool with a few more detailed features. But we will leave that for the tech geeks to use!

4. Jackbox Games

Why we love it: it keeps us sane! 

Working remotely, particularly during a global pandemic where you can’t leave your home,  it’s easy to go a bit stir crazy without taking a break every now and then. At Privilee, our culture is all about keeping things fun too, and let’s face it, it’s not fun being alone for a long period of time. So, we like to play social games together, to help us unwind, have a laugh and anyone can join in using their phone or laptop – thanks Jackbox! 

What are your favourite communication tools?

We hope this blog has given you some ideas or inspiration on how you can help your team communicate effectively during this difficult time. 

If you have more ideas or feedback, we would love to hear from you! 


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Apr 2, 2020