o Brett, British Expat and blogger shares her tips and daily routines to get through the day

So I’ve cleaned all my cupboards, re-organised my home, played all our board games and have my home fitness routine sorted, what now? If this enforced period of isolation has taught me anything it's that having a routine (of sorts) and keeping busy is key to survival and keeps me out of the fridge.

Five ways to avoid getting bored, bloated and brain fog!

  1. Be proactive 

Simple daily goals and ongoing projects definitely help to keep me motivated. Introducing a routine that gives me some form of indoor exercise has helped, I’ve found a variety of online classes that keeps me both active and interested. I’m (trying) to cook the family nutritious meals and support local businesses who are still delivering.

  1. Keep talking 

Staying in touch with people is essential, human interaction even via a screen is uplifting. Check in on people especially those older relatives or people that live alone. Organising group online quiz nights and chats is good fun and something to look forward too.

  1. Manage Stress 

This is easier said than done especially with the added stress of loved ones in other countries. Managing my media intake helps to reduce anxiety levels, yes it’s good to be informed but it’s easy to be inundated with non-stop information on all TV and social media channels.

  1. Wellbeing 

Look after the mind as well as your body. Worrying about the situation that you have no control over can be detrimental to your mental health. Check out meditation apps such as Calm and Headspace that help you to clear your mind while improving your attention span, alertness and helping you to stay calm (see a helpful graphic below). 

  1. Listen to Podcasts

If you haven’t yet jumped on the podcast bandwagon now is definitely the time. There are so many good podcasts to get stuck into covering every possible genre. Like books? Audible have a fantastic library of books online for all the family.

Good luck!

Jo x 

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Apr 8, 2020