ur favourite fitness classes to go to using Privilee

Health and wellness ambassadors Amy & Hendrik tell us about the fitness classes they love going to using their Privilee memberships, with a class recommendation for all interests and goals! 


One of the less stressful CrossFit boxes we’ve ever been to is at FitRepublik. If you’re worried about being intimidated, don’t be! The coaches are all super friendly and helpful- there are normally a good few laughs in between sets, reps and WODS to keep you coming back.

The days of the week are all themed, so you know what you’re getting yourself into every time you book a class. 

Here’s a breakdown for you to make it easier when booking:

  • Sunday: Lower Body
  • Monday: Gymnastics
  • Tuesday: Olympic lifting technique and strength
  • Wednesday: Conditioning/Cardio
  • Thursday: A workout full of different rounds and movements
  • Friday: Partner workouts
  • Saturday: METCON Conditioning

Active Recovery

A mobility/stretch class is one of the best active recovery sessions you could do. It gets the blood flowing without putting your body under too much strain, perfect for a day off from training! 

There are three classes we like to go to for active recovery; Deep Stretch at StudioRepublik, Stretch & Mobility at Fly High Fitness and a Stretching class at SEVEN. They are all fab!


OOMO Fitness Studio has endless options to burn loads of calories. Our go to’s are Xplod Body, Xplod Burn and Xplod Fight. All three classes have an option for ladies only, which we think is great! The classes are super fun, and the energy is always at an all-time high. Plus, the trainers are very motivating and can accommodate all levels of fitness. You can expect a combination of light weight movements, body weight movements and cardio, programmed to burn as many calories as possible. 


If you want to practice your dancing skills before ladies night this week, Privilee has a few options for you! 

Shake it your way with the SH’BAM class at StudioRepublik. Or stomp, shake, shimmy & slide your way into OOMO’s Xplor Dance class – a full body dance workout using the moves and basic steps of different dance styles (Afro, Hip Hop, Latino & Pop).

If you ever see us at one of these classes or studios, never hesitate to say hi! 

Amy & Hendrik

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Jan 25, 2021