itness enthusiast Inger Houghton shows us how we can keep fit from home...

 A lot of us are stuck at home these days, unable to get to the gym, but luckily there’s still a lot you can do in the comfort, and safety, of your own home.

Some are lucky enough to have simple equipment such as dumbbells and rubber bands or even full home gyms, but you don’t really need any equipment to get a good workout in. What you most importantly need, is motivation. You know, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Know your limits

Your level will determine how creative you’ll have to be to find movements that are challenging enough, but even a simple movement such as an air squat can become challenging with the right work-to-rest ratio. 

While it might be difficult to become much stronger and fitter with only bodyweight movements (note, not impossible, only more difficult), perhaps this period doesn’t have to be about progress. Focus on maintaining good habits, and the good post-workout feel. 

Here’s a workout you can try that requires nothing but your time and energy:

45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest of:

1. Air squats
2. Push-ups
3. Burpees
4. Situps
5. Lunges

Rest 1-2 minutes and complete 3-6 rounds total.

Happy training and stay safe!

Inger x 


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Mar 26, 2020