Endless pool days, workouts, remote working and more!

I’m Yasmin, Dubai expat mum of three. Myself and my husband, Jon, have had our Privilee membership for well over a year now and one of the most frequent questions we get about it is ‘how much do we really use it?’. In short, the answer is A LOT! And just to show how much, here’s a typical week in the life of us and our Privilee check in’s. My Mum is here visiting at the moment and has been using Privilee Guest passes so I’ll share what she has been getting up to also.


With the kids in school I head to the closest Privilee spot nearby, The Els Country Club, to enjoy coffee, a bite to eat, good wifi and the option of a quick dip to cool off. Mum enjoyed the gym and pool whilst I worked. I freelance so having a good work environment is key for me, plus all food and drink is discounted with the membership - all these discounts definitely add up! Jon is predominantly office based and squeezes in gym sessions around meetings as there are many options near his office in JLT, such as Fitness First Marina Gate, Uform Gym, the hotel gym in Address Dubai Marina and Reset Fitness if he would prefer to take a class. 


Kids are in school and I’m on location for work today so no morning Privilee for me today (boo!). However, Jon dropped Mum at a resort on his way to work and snuck in a quick gym session at Warehouse Gym Jumeirah Park. There are so many options for him which are great so no matter where he is there’s always somewhere he can work out. 


After school drop off I head to a meeting at Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club. Mum heads straight to the pool! I stay after my meeting to continue working from there as the coffee is just as strong as the wifi, and with the Privilee discount, it only makes sense to stay for lunch too! None of the kids had after school activities today so my Mum and I took them back to Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club for a quick dip and pizza. Everyone slept really well that night! 


Jon made his gym session between meetings today at Fitness First Al Manzil and again Mum did a Privilee morning. She took herself to Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah today! It’s been perfect for her whilst the kids are at school and we’re working, I don’t need to worry that she’s bored and she can easily navigate the Privilee app. 


Early finish on Fridays only means one thing… Privilee afternoons! We went to the Address Montgomerie today as it’s not too far and generally quiet on a weekday afternoon. The kids love an afternoon splash and I love not having to cook them dinner - it’s our treat for the end of the week! Pizza all around with discount using Privilee. 


As my Mum’s here she offered to look after the kids so we could brunch with friends, child-free! We decided to go to the ‘Surf and Turf’ Brunch at Mezzerie, Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah as Privilee Members get 30% off! This includes unlimited drinks and plenty of food options - many of which are freshly prepared infront of you, which was nice. If you are spending the day with the kids, they are also welcome to this brunch - good to know for future!


My son, Mason, had a party in the morning, after we set off for a family Privilee day. Our favourite is the Sofitel Dubai The Palm because of the slides in the kids’ pool, the kids love it and it keeps them entertained for ages - which is always a bonus! We ate lunch at Laguna Lounge for the first time there and I would absolutely recommend it. Laguna Lounge is on the beachfront and the interiors remind me of Mykonos or Tulum - perfect for Insta! The team there were great with the kids (helping us on the sand with the buggy!)  and the food was delicious, we shared Halloumi Fries, Pastrami Sliders, Meatballs and a selection of Sushi. 

In summary, as you can see, we use Privilee day-to-day and couldn’t live without it! 

Not just for pool days, but for gyms, food and drinks, kids’ activities - the list is endless really. Before Privilee, we were always at a loose end thinking about what to do, conscious of eating out all the time because as a family of five, it adds up, as do pool day passes. Privilee gives us options for gyms, classes, restaurants, cafes, pools… Without the membership, we simply wouldn’t be able to enjoy these things because of the cost of one day pass. For example, my Mum's five-day Privilee guest pass is cheaper than some one-day passes direct with resorts! It’s a no-brainer. I’m not quite sure what we’d do without the membership, especially over the weekends. Thank you Privilee! 


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Mar 29, 2023