Fitness and nutrition expert Diego Carrete talks us through how to make healthy choices.

Here’s what Diego has to say...

With so many amazing restaurants on Privilee, there is a lot of choices. We all love to indulge a bit on a beach day, however, in my line of work, I’m passionate about educating people on making meal choices that are a balance between nutritious and delicious.

Here are my top picks for Privilee restaurants that offer nutrient-dense foods and contain a balanced ratio of macro and micronutrients:

Diego’s top pick for breakfast: Gastro Kitchen - DoubleTree by Hilton JBR

Diego’s tips on ordering: Who doesn’t love a buffet breakfast? This hotel has a great variety, here is what I recommend to fill up on for a healthy start to the day: Start off with two glasses of water. It’s important to hydrate in the morning! Skip the muffins and jams and instead pile your plate with fruits, whole grain cereals, cottage cheese or yoghurt and cold cuts. When going for eggs, avoid pre-made and opt to make your own at the omelette so you can control the ingredients. Fill it with veggies rich in fibre and micronutrients like spinach and peppers, and order grilled mushrooms and tomatoes on the side. Finish with a latte with low-fat or almond milk and hit the beach!

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Diego’s top pick for lunch: Seagrill Bistro - Fairmont The Palm

Diego’s tips on ordering: Seafood is always a great lunch option, as it’s both light on the stomach and rich in protein. I recommend going for one of the market-fresh fish choices. Go for a grilled option rather than fried and pair with one of their delicious salad choices, my favourite is the beetroot and walnut! A protein-dense lunch will make us feel energetic for the day instead of sleepy.

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Diego’s top pick for poolside snacks: Soleil Pool & Lounge Bar - Sofitel The Obelisk 

Diego’s tips on ordering: This restaurant has the perfect choices for pool-side meals. Try to avoid heavy burgers and pizza and go for a more balanced meal with one of the bento boxes! I prefer “The Mediterranean Box” which comes with an Italian panini, a Greek salad and a Catalana for dessert! The bento box keeps the portions balanced, and the side salad is great for extra veggies. For a lighter option, choose the iced crudites, hummus or a fresh fruit platter.

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Diego’s top pick for dinner: Akira Back - W The Palm 

Diego’s tips on ordering: Dinner should be something to look forward to and that’s definitely the case with Akira Back’s perfect menu, full of choices for every diet, including vegan and gluten-free! Keep it light, healthy and scrumptious with dishes like the seaweed salad, famous tuna pizza, and grilled octopus and you’ll end the day feeling great!

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Oct 26, 2021